1. Seek Allah’s Pleasure & Mercy.
2. Read Qu’ran [with Understanding].
3. Listen to Qu’ran.
4. Keep yourself in a state of Wudhu.
5. Evaluate yourself everyday
6. Make Taubah
7. Increase your Dhikr.
8. Give Sadaqah.
9. Seek Islamic knowledge.
10. Make time for others.
11. Increase your Sunaah & Nawafil prayers. 12. Acquire patience & strong will
13. Strive for Ihsaan & avoid Riyaa.
14. Control your anger.
15. Feed others.
16. Make Ittikhaf.
17. Don’t eat too much at Iftaar & Suhoor.
18. Sleep early
19. Get up a little early for Suhoor & pray Tahajjud.
20. Make dua for yourself & others.
21. Don’t waste time socializing too much.
22. Pay Zakatul Fitr early.
23. Set a goal of memorizing some new verses of the Qu’ran & Duas.
24. Watch your tongue..
May Allah accept our Fast and prayers.


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