The triple “C’s” do have a symbiotic and parasitic relationship, depending on how you are looking at it. However, corruption is the strongest and most powerful in this cancerous alliance. Simply put, without corruption, there will be no cartel or cabal. Cabals cannot survive without corruption, cartels are dead without corruption. Corruption gave birth to cartels and cabals, whose other calamitous siblings are poverty and injustice.

Poverty and Injustice feeling oppressed, sometimes fight back in par with how corruption relegates them. When you have a willing and corrupt friendly government, cartels have a field day, cabals spring up right, left and center.

These three “C’s” are in a marriage, a very convenient working union – no pressure whatsoever and they all know it. Situation is akin to a husband been in a marriage and knowing that his wife is stepping out of the marriage to have affairs and thats just fine with him. No pressure whatsoever. Corruption been the husband, is just okay with whatever Cabal and Cartel do. Just do not give a damn!

What does it take to form a Cabal in Nigeria? What does it take it form a Cartel in Nigeria? Very simple… a willing organised corrupt structure. The corruption is so pestiferous; yet it doesnt even have to be organised, just be corrupt, you are good and can get away with ease.

All avenues to loot are exploited to the fullest by cartels and cabals. Sometimes I wonder if we can be so creative with all sorts of ideas on how to loot, then why dont we use half of that creativity and ingenuity to attempt to get Nigeria on the right path?? The trend is so predictable, yet nothing is been done. Now we are in digital touch screen looting era, no more analog looting system. Corruption is the biggest threat to our national security, look at it in all facets. Every problem imaginable and unimaginable in Nigeria today revolves round corruption.

The situation is bad, very bad and no reprieve at all in sight. Every suspected looter should be guilty until proven innocent and not the other way round. Treat every suspected looter like a felon, until they can prove their innocence. First major step is resigning/stepping aside/sack, thats the honourable and most logical thing to do. Not in Nigeria though, a country where you are been tainted with corrupt charges and you do not even blink an eye. You go and have a good night sleep.

This really is not about any individuals or organisations, because its the system that is messed up, in complete disarray. If a functional system is well put in place, you just cant steal public funds and have one good night of peaceful sleep. When there is a working check and balance system as incorporated in our constitution, you cant get away with looting; big or small.

The three arms of government, instead of checkin and balancing each other out, are checking and balancing their bank accounts. If you ask me, I dont know who is worse off, but in my head I am more pissed at the judicial arm of our government though.

It will not be out of place to say Corruption is the another arm of government, obviously a more serious minded arm of the government (carrying out successfully, looters development plans). Our laws are constitution are only good to be rehearsed and read out every swearing-in ceremony, at public functions or media, but not to be obeyed to. Some people are above the law. The laws of the land are meant for the common man to strictly abide to.

This is not rocket science, this is very simple.. You dont need a Cambridge or Harvard brain to work the schematics out. BLOCK ALL LOOPHOLES!!! JAIL CULPRITS! Doesn’t matter who that person is, it is the damn law. But again, you need a willing and strong-willed government to that, but it is very very doable and achievable!!!……….

Once you attain a public office, your status change in a flash. You now own big houses in Abuja, Lagos and around, you drive brand new automobiles (sometimes customised), you now have a retinue of personal aides, probably get another wife or wives. You and I all know that if we sum up that person’s salary over the years, it probably cannot buy the cheapest car in his/her lot. Where’s the money coming from? Where?? Do the math! Abi na money doubler???

Pen robber is worse than armed robber. Armed robber will kill and maim at the time of robbery. Pen robber kills the unborn generation, they take food away from the table of millions of Nigerians. If you embezzle money meant for health care, power generation, road construction, airport rehabilitation, pension, subsidy of any type for the common man, you not only maim millions that are living, you kill millions that are yet to be unborn.

How can somebody be looting billions and milllions of public funds in dollars, money that they do not even need. The public office holder and politicians are so greedy that they are not ready to leave anything even for their kids to grow up to loot … they are not even willing take that chance … jeez! The treachery and gluttony that follows their corrupt tendencies and powers defile any explanation by way of logical reasoning … just do not make any sense! Looting public funds is worse than armed robbery and murder combined in one crime.

Just a few years back, a governor in USA resigned because of scandals that came to fore because of a tryst with a girlfriend amounting to $4300 dollars. Yes, $4300 dollars, and yes he resigned, voluntarily. A governor! In Nigeria, thats coins that a lawmaker will probably throw around his backyard girlfriends.

Yes corruption is every where in the world, but corruption in Nigeria flows the blood vessels, it is in the air we breath, the water we drink, every step we take ……. it is not hidden. Corruption is in every nook and cranny; in the government, in private businesses, in schools, even in homes …… A typical Nigerian breathe corruption, think corruption, swim in corruption, dream corruption. Somebody somewhere somehow just have to loot, bribe or receive bribe.

Now lets leave the public office holder alone and take a cursory look at ourselves. The typical Nigerian is corrupt ….. with a corrupt ravaged mindset! Corruption is a fragment of our society, that is why year in year out the leaders are all corrupt. Ask yourself, a society that is not and does not promote corruption wouldn’t produce corrupt leaders …. Ask parents who are buying results for their kids … Ask parents buying admission into higher institutions for their kids …. Lecturers selling handouts … Young teens stealing from parents to belong amongst friends …. Is it the young girl who sleeps around and is hailed big girl? … You cannot do your job at work, except somebody bribes you, especially government offices …. As if bribing a policeman is not bad enough, some are so lowlife that they do it even in presence of their kids. How will they see anything wrong with that when they grow up? What are the core values of a typical Nigerian? Where should the eradication of corruption start from? The government or the people? Let us remember that the leaders came from among the people. Its not about replacing a leader year in year out. It is the cultural mindset! Culture! Culture!! Culture!!! ….. The predominant behaviourial pattern that characterised a group of people. This is sad but valid, Nigeria has a culture of corruption. Have we ever had a president that wasn’t accused of corruption? I can’t remember one. Will we ever have one? Yes, I believe so. Corruption has been weaved into the fabrics of our society. Everyone seems to have a price.

In great countries today, big time Entrepreneurs have their feet firmly rooted in helping their various governments and economy, trying to make a better living affordable for all. In Nigeria, politicians not only control the government, but control the entrepreneurs too. No business can survive if you dont play the scratch my back scratch your back game. And God help you if you do not know how to play it well, otherwise it consumes you before you even start.

Lot of times I feel the government is fighting the masses, instead fighting corruption. In any serious government, organisation, business and even family …. accountability starts from the very top. Anything short is mere playing to the gallery.

How in d world did we get here, I remember my dear Nigeria growing up ……… We need a system reboot, I need my country back and fast …… “the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain”


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