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It takes courage, integrity, credibility principles and fearlessness to make a difference that will remain forever in the record of history and Prof. Jega has just done that.

I salute the courage of Professor Attahiru Mohammed Jega, the chairman of the Nigerian Independent Electoral Commission for his bold move to stop the elections & postpone it after some people have already casted their ballots.

Some Nigerians who didn’t get to vote on saturday are disheartened, others are even calling for his resignation without taking the time to think it over thoroughly, and try to understand and see why Prof. Jega did what he did.

Can’t people see that Prof. Jega has prevented a catastrophe amid of blunders vis a vis the number of registered voters, the ballot papers and other problems related to voting materials.

Are those blunders just happened? Or are they a deliberate act by some ill intended evil people to sabotage Prof. Jega’s good efforts and credibility? Did Prof. Jega made his bold and courageous move to avert something he foresaw very early right at the beginning of the ballots? Did Prof. Jega knew something that the majority of Nigerians didn’t know about? Did Prof. Jega stop the Saturday ballots to terminate a fraud scheme?

I have no answers to all those questions, but all i know is that, whatever the reason was, Prof. Jega did the right thing. He has jumbled up plans by any political party to rig the elections or to commit any fraudulent act. By stopping the ballots, Prof Jega has cluttered any attempt to win the elections by stealing the votes.

All Nigerians should be proud of Prof. Jega and salute his courage, for he has salvaged Nigeria from sinking into the shame of holding incredible elections. And by that bold and courageous move of his, Prof. Attahiru Jega has once again preserved his integrity, and proved not only to Nigerians, but to the entire world that he is credible, and he is going to hold free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria.

I salute you Professor Attahiru Mohammed Jega, and not only Nigeria, but the entire world is in dire need of upright and principled gentlemen like you.

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  1. Zainab Said Kabir
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 12:52:01

    Well written! You have said it all! Nigerians should applaud Jega’s decision and know that he did not do it lightly. When all the facts came out they will show that he averted a catastrophe which would have sank this country into a terrible state.


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