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I am part of the generation that has been raised by the society. Not only our parents but the whole society were responsible for our well being and welfare. The whole society made sure that we grew up right to become responsible people.

But when i look at the way we raise our kids today,i am disappointed and ashamed sometimes. Each time i look i feel like we have betrayed the societal system that made us who we are, and i have the impression of failure, that we have failed as parents. Our kids socialization is not laudable, and honestly it scares me.

What happened to us? Where did we go wrong? Is the high level of education to blame? Being highly educated made us lax toward discipline? Are we weak before our kids? Or did we find ourselves in a changed society?

I really don’t know what happened to us as parents raising kids in this time and age. Just thinking about it makes confused and lost sometimes and all i do is just asking questions in efforts to find answers that can help us correct what we did wrong.

Most of us grew up really poor, with very few material things, no toys, no games like today’s, but we were so proud and contented. And we become responsible adults. But instead of instilling the same spirit of contentment, acceptance, abnegation and patience to our kids, we just deliberately chose to raise them like some princes and princesses who get their ways and get away with anything.

Even though our parents were shy about expressing their feelings by hugging and kissing and telling us they loved us, deep down in our hearts we knew they loved us and they still love. Their shy behavior were dictated by their culture and environment. Even without that we grew up psychologically balanced. But here we are today expressing love in any way to our kids, we kiss & hug, we tell them we love them every hour, but they are lacking some important ingredient in their manners. Today’s kids take everything for granted and think that it is their right to have everything.

Some neighbors that i know have stopped talking over some misunderstanding about their kids. Just because one tried to discipline the other’s kids over doing something wrong openly in the street. When i was growing up it was the right thing to do, neighbors would disciplined us and our parents would thank them and even share a bowl of porridge with them to show gratitude. But today’s parents see that as abuse and interference and would even report it to the law sometimes.

Raising kids is doubly or triply difficult for immigrant parents like us who answered the call of destiny and found ourselves living in the West.

I am not sure of anything anymore but all i know, we will continue to do our best to raise our kids the best way we know how, cautiously, carefully and at the same time we will continue to pray to the Almighty to help us in this big task of raising kids, to guide us and our kids on the right path, and make us and them righteous.

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  1. Hassan F Kane (@HasKane99)
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 21:15:46

    Bravo Bravo Bravo !!!!


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