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In this time and age of advanced technology that is being used to improve lives everywhere, Africa is still lingering, lagging and dragging behind.

Why is that? Why many african nations are still depending on international aid? How come,after many years of independence, african nations are still in bondage and have not reached self-reliance? Is being independent different from being free? There are so many questions to be asked, and they are all why? why? why?

Each time i get lost in my thoughts and try to understand the ongoing situation africa is in, i get mad, confused and end up asking more questions.

What keeps me wondering is, as many nations across the world strive to develop,and build themselves, many african nations are still struggling with colonial time infrastructures, and the leaders are contented and even proud. Today’s african leaders have no vision whatsoever, they are leading without purpose,their only objective is how to cheat their way to the highest office and build themselves, their families, their friends and any other person willing to play their game to the detriment of the people they have sworn to serve.

Most of african nations are independent for over fifty years, but nothing has changed much from what was left by the early post-colonial leaders who tried their best to literally translate their visions into actions and bring about positive transformations. The early post colonial leaders made the necessary sacrifices because they were more nationalistic, patriotic, they were more concerned about the well being of their countries and their people, and unlike today’s african leaders, definitely the post colonial leaders were not materialistic.

We are in 2011 but most africans are still struggling to live in an unprecedented dire poverty and their social frustration is emphasized by the lack of clean water, electricity, health care, education, roads you name it, and the rate of unemployment is getting higher. In short, despite the wealth of the african soil [plentiful various natural resources] the leaders ave failed to provide the basic necessities. All people need, is water,food, security, decent shelter, health care, education. This is the minimum any bad government can provide, but even that is unattainable in Africa.

The african poor has no social safety net and the leaders don’t even care.

All i know, the african leaders are not good decision makers, and they have no idea that a bad decision gives a bad result, and each bad decision they made, has a negative impact on the life of each individual. That is why it is imperative to change the way things function in africa. It is imperative to have a positive change that will free people from the yoke of bad leadership and lead to a better future.

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  1. Adamu Nazifi
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 23:06:46

    I like the post,keep enlighten us.Thanks


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