Journalism or “Vulturism”

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I dare to call myself a journalist today, now, in this time, and era of new trend of journalism, i dare to call myself a journalist in a time where a new definition is needed for the kind of journalism practiced by very many journalists nowadays.

Back in the days, in the olden days journalism used to be “THE” noble profession when journalists were really journalists, when journalists were truly the revered and well respected guardians of morality, for standing up for the truth, fighting for it and defending it by all means necessary, and exposing any wrong doing. The time when journalists were serving selflessly,and really informing not misinforming, distorting, disinforming and fabricating.

Twenty years ago i had to choose a career between becoming a journalist or a lawyer or a teacher or a nurse, but i chose to be a journalist, simply because i believed and still believe that journalism is paramount and vital to any society, because deep down in my heart and guts i knew i could serve as the voice of the voiceless,i wanted to be part of the group of professionals seen as the custodians of the society, custodians of the people, a group of chosen ones with the clear mission of checking the excesses of leaders, the excesses of government officials and keep them under control.

But as time goes on, something happened in the process, something very bad happened to journalists and the noble profession became ignoble, the watchdog became the wrong doer.

Today a lot of journalists have a price, they have shamelessly tainted a once noble profession. Greedily and unscrupulously like vultures,they prey for the highest bidder and make it their mission to change the mind of the public in any direction they want, by shamelessly cleansing a dirty official and brand him as the best a nation can offer. Like a pack of hungry hyenas they follow, they hunt down, they bargain and they end up selling out and being players in the wrong team. In Nigeria for instance, everybody knows about “the brown envelope” and in Niger Republic, “Kuso Man Dake”, “Sallama Noro” or “Goro Noro”.

Journalism or “Vulturism”? A journalist has to be corrupted to do his job? Doesn’t any journalist need to have a moral position? Is journalism possible without a moral position? Is journalism still the Fourth Power? is it still the Fourth Estate as commonly known? Does journalism still have the ability to bring under control the leaders lest they do wrong? Are today’s journalists credible? Are they respected?

I have no respect for corrupted journalists no matter how good they are and how many degrees they achieved, i will never trust them. And i really wish there are laws to prosecute and punish greedy,corrupted, sold out journalists for dirtying, disgracing, dishonoring and sullying the noble profession of journalism. Even the rulers and other government officials who corrupt and bribe just to cover up and hide the truth should not go unpunished. Such laws are the most needed in many african nations.

but the most encouraging of all, is that, as the majority chose the easiest way to make money fast, by selling lies and false news on one hand, there are still some few good journalists out there who chose to live poor and stand up for their principles. Those fearless warriors and fighters chose to respect work ethics, they chose to implement the code of conduct. Honestly, i have nothing but respect and admiration for those few brave and courageous journalists who chose to stand tall, excel, fight for what is right and ultimately be rightly judged by history.

I conclude by saying that, the bad apples among journalists failed to differentiate between rightness and wrongness, and they failed to recognize the goodness of being good in all aspects of life and at the same time they also failed to see and question the badness of the motives behind their appaling and illegitimate actions.

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  1. Yahaya Abubakar karfi,malumfashi.
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 14:39:54

    Honestly speaking journalism has became one of the strong pillars of coruption,especially in my country Nigeria.But the foult is not 100% on the journalist,as many employee who employ the journalist are not paying them anything,they only give them an I.D cards and leave them to make money by themselves with that I.D card,that is why they are collecting BROWN ENVELOPE (with the money inside as bribe).And this give the politician an oppurtunity to use these corrupt journalist to blackmail their opponent or to prevent them from broadcasting a reports that can expose the bad deeds of these merciless politician.But with the professional and God fearing journalist like you halima,journalism will continue to be a noble profession.


  2. Yahaya abubakar karfi,malumfashi.
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 14:48:44

    And universities and instution that trained journalist should be encouraged to teach the students learning journalism as a profession the negative effect of involving themselves in bribery and corruption both on themselves and the sociaty.The government shall also provide special salary for journalist like that of politician and health workers,because journalist are backbone of democratic governance.


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